Jul 6, 2017

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Digital transcription school offers tuition warranty

Med Workshops has an amazing program more schools should follow. They limit enrollment to the number of graduates they will need for internship and staffing placement. Guess what; there graduate placement rate has been 95% since 1996. Med Workshops can offer a money-back warranty on graduate placement as long as the student graduates on time. Now that is a good deal.

Why don’t more digital transcription schools have this kind of faith in their education? We don’t know so we visited a few websites and talked to a few counselors and salespeople. No one had a good answer. We called Med Workshops and asked how they do it. Rather simple; they limit enrollment to the number of students needed to fill requests by employers they work to staff. And they include internship with mentoring.

Why don’t all digital transcription schools follow a model similar to Med Workshops? It is the fairest approach for any student and the schools would not have to hide results. If you add in deferred student loans, the late rate is about 50%. This is a debt crisis for students. We think greed plays a role in preventing this from happening. It is a sad state of affairs.

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